Donna Wissinger returned to Walton County Schools

to celebrate and perform:

The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales


Magic happens in the hearts and minds of teachers and students when learning is joyful, attention rapt and everyone is eager for more. In The Pied Piper and other Fantastic Tales, flutist and storyteller Donna Wissinger draws children into a musical world of active listening and imaginative thinking. Weaving a piper’s spell with her golden flute she mesmerizes students with her stories of galloping horses, legendary heroes of bow and arrow, and myths from far away lands and secret wardrobes, all while teaching science, mathematics, social studies and language arts.


The Florida Chautauqua, Inc



as she proudly presented:

The World Turned
Upside Down:
Music and Stories
of the American

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Drum Roll!

Students immediately feel the freedom call of fife and drum and march back in time with red coats in their midst. Learning Flash! These red coats are musicians in George Washington’s Continental Army.  Local fourth and fifth grade students throughout Walton County,  experienced revolutionary stories and participated as patriots, loyalists and courageous leaders in this world changing period of American history. Walton County students learned the music, important documents, dates, events, and personalities that continue to shape their country and lives with an exciting live presentation of the American Revolution presented by expert flutist, Donna Wissinger.  Donna taught the students,  “History is a subject about people who dared to live their lives courageously.  We learn how to write our own life stories by knowing theirs”.




The performances were sponsored by The Florida Chautauqua, Inc. and in part, by a grant from the State of Florida Division of Cultural Affairs and The Florida Arts Council.