Inspiration Institute

Inspiration Institute is designed to inspire and educate you to use the arts to help cultivate and develop an appreciation for creative areas outside of your expertise. Inspiration Institute will consist of classes held on a quarterly or one-time special event basis at The Florida Chautauqua Theater.

Pigment will be an instructional painting class focusing on front door hangers, canvas, typography and chalkboards for ages 12+.

Proper will be an educational course designed for 8-12 year old children to teach them the fundamentals of etiquette (table manners, conversational etiquette and thank you card writing).


Perception will be a half-day class designed for moms who would like to take better pictures of their children by teaching techniques and then doing a lab with their children!

Vignette is an instructional course designed to teach the art of home decorating by curating different pieces joined together to make a beautiful impact.

** These events are unavailable at this time**

To be informed about these events, please connect with us here on our website ( or on FaceBook (The Florida Chautauqua, Inc.) for event postings.  We welcome and encourage you to also connect with us by filling out your contact information on our CONTACT page, here on this website.